Ultimate Sonichaos

Basic Info
Short but very nice game , this time you can play as Sonic , Tails or Knuckles!
4 levels, 3 bosses and 2 mini bonus games is what Ultimate Sonichaos brings you.
The story continues where it left off in Sonichaos but this time Knuckles is your companion.

Extra Info
Even thought the game itself is short , still it's very enjoyable.
Gameplay is good and difficulty is normal.
Auto save system is also present but no Super Soic this time.

- If you run with Sonic for a while , you will turn into a fireball , only spikes and those kind of things can hurt you!

- To beat the first boss , don't jump to dodge the ice-balls. When it comes near , jump and hit.

- Game is short because I was bored and wanted to work on a new engine - Legendary Sonichaos.

- I got tons , I mean TONS of emails asking me how to exit this game! I forgot to put an exit option and the proper way of exiting is pressing Alt + F4.

- Because of that, i made the new version of the game. You just press "ESC" to exit the game now but I also forget another thing; that prevents you from using cheats!

- I don't have the source file of this game anymore, I don't know how but I lost it ...

If you have an old version of the game , press Alt + F4 buttons to exit.

Ultimate Sonichaos

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