Save the Rosia Tanks

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Victualling Yard Complex looking towards Rosia Mole

The Water Tanks are part of a Naval Complex, completed late in the 18 th Century, situated in Gibraltar along its South Western shoreline close to Europa Point.

It consists of the Victualling Yard, the Water Tanks and the Mole, as well as a number of other smaller buildings. The Water Tanks stored and purified water collected by the roofs of the Victualling Yard. This water was then gravity fed to ships that berthed alongside the Rosia Mole. It was a simple but elegant feat of engineering and ingenuity that is still in excellent condition and deserves to be preserved as a testament to Gibraltar's Heritage and its strong historical links to the United Kingdom.

After the Battle of Trafalgar HMS Victory, carrying the body of Lord Nelson, and part of the British Fleet took refuge here, made essential repairs, took on supplies and water, and then sailed back to England

Last year, 2005, was the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Gibraltar participated in these celebrations and now, these Water Tanks, are about to be demolished to make way for a block of flats, ironically named Nelson's View.

The Save The Rosia Tanks Campaign supports the construction of ‘affordable' housing but not at the expense of Gibraltar's Heritage and is appealing to the Government of Gibraltar to stop their demolition.

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